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Classic Oils with authentic Castrol tin

Castrol classic oils

Australian authorised supplier

Castrol Classic Lubricant solutions for classic vehicles ranging from 1900 to 1990’s. Genuine Castrol Classic products that use the Castrol grade shown in the vehicle handbook.


Castrol Classic Oils

100% Authentic Engine Oils for all vintage and classic cars and motorcycles.

For optimum levels of anti-wear for a better engine wear protection.

Castrol’s Classic Oils are produced to original viscosities, using low detergent formulations and contain optimum levels of anti-wear additive for maximum engine wear protection. The range covers Veteran, Vintage and Classic motor vehicles from the 1900’s to the early 90’s. For the correct engine oil for your vehicle, simply follow the vehicle manufacturer’s handbook recommendation for the correct Castrol Classic engine oil grade.

Grouped-Castrol Classic Gear Oils

Castrol Classic gear Oils

100% Authentic Castrol Classic Gear Oils and Greases that suit old school vehicles and motorbikes. Include straight mono-grades, extreme pressure, automatic transmission fluid and semi-fluid greases.

Castrol’s Classic range includes gear oils and greases ideally suited to early vehicle specifications. Castrol’s Classic gear oils include ‘straight’ mono-grades, extreme pressure, automatic transmission fluids and semi-fluid greases. Castrol’s classic greases each have their own special applications for early motor vehicles. For the correct gear oil for your vehicle simply follow the manufacturer’s handbook recommendation.

Grouped Castrol Regalia Merchandise

Castrol Classic Regalia

Castrol Classic Accessories available anywhere in Australia! Get all original 1946 Castrol Logo on all Regalia products. Perfect as a gift for all classic cars and motorcycles lovers.

A range of highly attractive Castrol Classic merchandise is offered in support of Castrol’s iconic brand. Comprising decorative posters and signage through to practical imperial measure pourers and oilers, at home in any classic vehicle workshop or study. There’s something for every classic vehicle enthusiast, whether as a gift for a keen motorist, or for yourself, you’ll find that perfect something in our range.

Grouped Castrol Classic Brake Fluids

Castrol Classic brake fluids

Castrol Classic Brake Fluids for better brake components on all classic vehicles, whatever the conditions. Perfect for old school cars and motorbikes, for leisure or motorsports.

Castrol’s Classic range includes brake fluids for standard road use, performance road use, high performance track use and for specific applications.

Grouped Castrol Classic Greases-Lawless Classic Oils

Castrol Classic Greases

Castrol Classic Grease are perfect for early motor vehicles.

We have a full range of classic cars lubricants.

Castrol’s Classic greases are specially formulated for early vehicles, each with its own specific lubricating application. 

Castrol Classic Fluid Additives

Classic fluid additives

Classic Lead Replacement Additives available anywhere in Australia! Formulated with Ethanol protection for a better fuel system protection in all classic cars. Keep your fuel clean on old cars and protect against corrosion.

Classic Valvemaster, formerly branded Castrol Valvemaster, is the most effective and cost-effective lead replacement additive available for the protection of early vehicles designed to run on leaded fuel.

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Lawless Classic Oils is the Castrol Classic Australian authorised supplier.
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