Castrol Semi Fluid Gear Oil/Grease SPHEEROL L/EP0


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Lithium semi-fluid self-levelling grease for veteran and vintage cars and motorcycles, with grease packed axles and gearboxes. NLGI 0

Castrol Spheerol™ EPL is a range of greases which comprises lithium based products, containing highly refined mineral oils, fortified with extreme pressure (EP) additives as well as corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. These greases have been formulated with additives that provide good film strength under medium to high loads.


NLGI 0, semi-fluid grease suitable for centralised lubrication systems and grease filled gearboxes. This grease provides good protection against rust and corrosion as well as resistance to water wash-out; which makes it particularly suitable for equipment where moist or wet conditions are common.


High mechanical stability – the grease keeps its consistency in service ensuring long lubricant life
Good adhesion – continuous lubrication and reduced consumption as film stays between lubricated surfaces
Good water resistance – the grease film remains on the surface even in the presence of water
Resistant to copper and steel corrosion – helps prevent rust and oxidation on metal surfaces
Excellent EP and anti-wear properties – protects equipment against extreme loading and helps minimise bearing component wear

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

500 Grams


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