Classic Valvemaster Plus Octane Boost


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Valvemaster Plus provides the best protection against valve seat recession after lead, while keeping your fuel system clean and providing excellent corrosion protection. Valvemaster Plus also contains a friction modifier to improve performance and economy. Should only be used in vehicles that do not have a catalytic converter.

All products in the Valvemaster Fuel Additive range contain Etha-Guard. Etha-Guard counteracts ethanolโ€™s hygroscopic nature, preventing moisture and damage to your fuel system, stabilising E5 & E10 petrol.

One millilitre treats one litre of fuel – One bottle treats 250 litres of fuel.


*Valvemaster lead replacement: Ultimate protection against valve seat recession. Protects your engine under all driving conditions. Reduces knocking.

*Etha-Guard ethanol stabiliser: Enables use of E5 & E10 petrol. Prevents corrosion in fuel systems. Prevents acidity in ethanol fuel. Keeps fuel system clean. Protects your vehicle in use or storage; also prevents damage to fibreglass fuel tanks.

*Octimise Plus friction modifier: Enhanced performance and economy. Increases acceleration by up to 3% and increases economy by up to 2%


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