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A calcium-based extreme pressure grease, developed specifically to provide a high degree of resistance to water wash and to provide protection in wet environments. Suitable for use on wire wheel splines, exposed brake shoe pivots, handbrake mechanisms and gear linkages.

Castrol Spheerol™ SX 2 is a complex calcium sulphonate grease providing superior performance benefits in the highly
aggressive conditions experienced in the marine environment.


Spheerol SX 2 is a true multipurpose ship machinery lubricant, specifically developed to provide enhanced lubrication
and protection for bearings, wire ropes and open gears usually found in marine environments.
Spheerol SX 2 is suitable for most journal bearings, wire ropes and open gears used in marine deck equipment and
can be considered for roller, ball and needle bearings generally used in engine room equipment.
In addition to the excellent protection provided for wire ropes and open gears, Spheerol SX 2 is also suitable for use on a
wide range of deck equipment where it will protect and lubricate hinges, turnbuckles, screws, fair leads etc.
For multipurpose applications a grease gun may be used with Spheerol SX 2. Alternatively traditional application
methods can be used for wire ropes and open gears. (Please see also “Additional Information”).


Spheerol SX 2 is proven to offer:
High drop point.
Excellent protection against corrosion.
High resistance to sea water wash off.
Strong adhesion to surfaces.
A lubricant which is solvent free containing no heavy metals or harmful constituents.

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